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Dragon Ball Z : Light of Hope

On n’a encore jamais vu d’adaptation en film de Dragon Ball Z plus réussie que Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, un travail de fan et de longue haleine signé Robot Underdog. Le court-métrage, digne des meilleurs studios d’Hollywood, se situe dans la timeline de l’univers de Dragon Ball Z après la mort de Goku. Gohan et Trunks y affrontent les Cyborgs C-17 et C-18. Share on Facebook

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X-files – David Duchovny Irish Interview

Interview with Xfiles star David Duchovny. Hosted by Paul Byrne and presented by Irish movie site Here Duchovney talks about the making of the new X Files movie ‘I want to believe’, working with Gillian Anderson and how he believes this movie opened on the worst weekend in cinema history and more… also brings you Daily movie news, cinema times, blogs, forums and more. Category: EntertainmentUploaded by: moviesirelandHosted: youtube Share on Facebook

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