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Sci-Fi Marathon | Daylight Savings | Sunday Night DUST

Sunday Night DUST is an hour-long showing of short films that have premiered on DUST in the past. Join the live chat every Sunday at 7pm PST. This week on Sunday Night DUST:

THE GUIDE by Felipe Vargas | 0:30
Logline: From a mysterious void, a guardian angel-like figure guides a man through his first romance.
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LIVE by Taryn O’Neill | 5:38
Logline: Under the eye of an A.I. camera system, an online ‘livecaster’ with a volatile brand has a crisis of conscience in a future where jobs are limited and conflict is currency.
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THE SUPER RECOGNISER by Jennifer Sheridan | 17:53
Logline: They know your face and they are watching.
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THE BLACK HOLE by Phil & Olly | 28:41
Logline: If you could move through any solid object, what would you do?
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HUM by Tom Teller | 31:26
Logline: A solitary dish washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls, with the help of a small friend he breaks free of confinement to pursue his dream of exploration.
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GOOD LUCK JEFFREY BROWN by Christian Debney | 39:16
Logline: A man holds up in his bunker waiting for the end of the world.
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FACE SWAP by Einat Tubi and David Gidali | 50:15
Logline: A guy convinces his wife to try out a new AI technology to spice up their sex life, but gets a bit more spice than he bargained for.
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Sci-Fi Short Film Marathon | Daylight Savings | DUST

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