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Sci-Fi Marathon | DUST Bowl 2020 | Sunday Night DUST

POSTHUMAN by Cole Drumb | 0:57
Logline: A genius hacker and his dog help an enigmatic young woman to free the remaining test subjects of a black ops ESP test lab.
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THE KID by Nicholas Wenger | 5:27
Logline: A woman and young boy are chased through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Battered and exhausted, they are protecting something both highly valuable and extremely dangerous.
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WORLD BUILDER by Bruce Branit | 11:20
Logline: A man uses holographic tools to build an idyllic world as a subconscious playground for his love.
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REGULATION by Ryan Patch | 20:16
Logline: Every child has the right to be happy. By law.
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THE CANDIDATE by David Karlak | 31:43
Logline: The story follows a secret society whose purpose is to find people who don’t deserve to live and to kill them with their thoughts.
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BAD PETER by Zach Strauss | 51:16
Logline: An expecting mother (Frankie Shaw) is forced into a humiliating birthing regimen by her personal automated assistant who thinks it knows what’s best for her and her unborn child.
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Sci-Fi Short Film Marathon | DUST Bowl 2020 | DUST

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