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Sci-Fi Marathon | Action Packed | Sunday Night DUST

This week’s episode is loaded with action. Tune in for the live chat on Sunday at 7pm PST. Find out which films are included below:

“Make Do or Mend” by Christopher Bevan
Logline: With death never more than a misstep away, two hunters must decide whether to embrace the inevitable or fight against their fate.
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“Phoenix Run: Home” by TJ Walker & Rick Walters
Logline: A street smart smuggler Marky is on the run from a bounty hunter and his infected henchmen. Marky flees to the only family he’s ever known, former superhero Ma Jones AKA Thunder.
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“Tonight I Strike” by Dan Gaud
Logline: An unfinished game of hide and seek becomes a race against the clock for Liam. In a futuristic rural village filled with archaic machines, he must become a ruthless vigilante to find his missing sister.
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“Untogethered” by Ryan Chatfield
Logline: A hacker named Quinn infiltrates a cult, who are slowly killing off its members, in order to save her estranged sister, Harper.
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“Nano” by Mike Manning
Logline: A new law mandating the public’s use of nanotechnology meets resistance from hacktivists who are conspiring to thwart the impending roll-out of a dangerous hardware upgrade.
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