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Sci-Fi Marathon | Paranoia | Sunday Night DUST

“Apocalypse Now Now” by Michael Matthews | 0:28
My name is Baxter Zevcenko. I’m sixteen years old and I’ve killed people. Lots of people. At least, they tell me they were people. They looked more like monsters to me.
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“Bar Talk” by Lowell Northrop | 8:34
Some prefer beer… Some prefer blood.
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“Echoes In The Ice” by BJ Verot | 16:40
Four men explore an abandoned research facility. Within the station unsettling signs of disorder are revealed, and in the lowest level of the facility, a chilling discovery is made.
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“UU” by Jeremiah Hammerling | 26:58
In the future, sleep is a crime.
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“Control” by Carroll Brown | 35:58
A scientist trapped by herself on an outpost near Jupiter after the death of her companion begins to imagine, or realize, that she is not alone after all.
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“Thanks for the Memories” by Louis-Norton Selzer | 50:11
Joel Fink is just another bored twenty-something looking for some excitement in an otherwise dull and uneventful life. A curious encounter outside a travel agent pulls him into an unusual world where he’s offered an even more unusual proposition.
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Sci-fi Short Film One Hour Block “Paranoia Process” | Sunday Night DUST

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