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Sci-Fi Short Film “635PM PST” presented by DUST

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“635PM PST” by James Morosini

Peter and JD, two highly sensitive caterers, struggle through a fancy event at which Peterʼs ex-girlfriend is being celebrated. When strange creatures attack, some priorities shift, some stay the same.

6:35PM PST is a sci-fi dramedy anthology that seeks to explore facets of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and how lives are changed at the moment we make contact with the ultimate unknown – extraterrestrials. Each episode is a different super specific perspective of the same invasion. Episodes include kindergartners at recess, cops staking out drug dealers, a boyfriend going out in his girlfriend’s clothes.. Throughout the series we learn more about the invasion and more about ourselves.

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Full Credits:
635PM PST Cast List
Written and Directed by James Morosini
Produced by James Morosini
Associate Producer Jacob Fallon
Photographed by Ben Meserve
Chris – Jacob Fallon
JD – James Morosini
Peter – Sam Sonenshine
Emily – Isabelle Chester
Other Caterers – Spencer Weitzel, Erin Astin, and Jonathan Kaufman
Production designer – Jonathan Kaufman
On set recordist – Zachary Braden
Editor – James Morosini
SFX – Brooke Palmieri and Jonathan Kaufman
VFX – Ivan Sungaroff

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