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Sci-Fi Short Film: “APPyness” | DUST Exclusive

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A troubled young woman tests out a new app that lets her control when and how she feels emotions.

APPyness by Ryan Turner

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Starring Danielle Dallas Roosa, Stephanie Andrea Barron, Ray Stoney, Jona Xiao, Kevin Grady, and Gavin Leatherwood

Directed by Ryan Turner
Written by Kathleen Roosa, Ryan Turner, Danielle Dallas Roosa
Produced by Tanner Sawitz
Executive Producer RJ Hendricks

Cinematography by Rafael Gomez
Production Design by Tiffany Smith
Original Music by Simon Jay and Luke Shrestha
Casting Directors Ashley Dunsing and Anna Mayworm

1st Assistant Director Maggie Adams
2nd Assistant Director Ivy Liao
Associate Producer Soren McVay
Art Assistant Robyn Shwer
Costume Designer Angela Triviño
Hair / Makeup Vanessa Fox-La Fontaine
1st AC Sam Burton
2nd AC / DIT Isaac Olexio
Gaffer Symeon Platts
Key Grip Matt Cole
Swing Lance Gegner
On-Set Sound Mixing Luis Molgaard
Script Supervisor Nicole Jolly
Key Production Assistant Justin Hill
Production Assistant Rian James

Sound Design / Mixing Justin Marshall Elias
Earpiece Visual Effects Jesse Witt
APPy Design Michael Durkee
APPy Visual Effects Richard Cabrera
Additional Visual Effects Cory Cullington
APPy Host Keying / Initial Design Michael Fox and Emily Sawdey
Colorist Peter Swartz
Credit Song Simon Jay Luke Shrestha Carly Lyman
Additional Music Jed Peek
Concept Art Estevan Mykhail Guzman

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