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Sci-Fi Short Film: “Article 19-42” | DUST

Julie and Thomas cross the Northern forest in their 4×4. As they leave the main road, they are met by an unwelcoming man. He was obviously waiting for them, they give him a sum of money. Together they continue deeper into the woods.

Article 19-42 by Julien Becker

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Article 19-42 Credits

Julie – Myriam MULLER
Thomas – Jules WERNER
Georges – Joël DELSAUT
David – Hervé SOGNE
Type 4 -1 – Nilton Martins
Type 4 – 2 – Maja Juric
Type 4 – 3 – Ariane Gremigni
Type 4 – 4 – Benoit Moureuax
Type 4 – 5 – Thibaut Pogorzelski
Type 4 – 6 – Hélène Houart
Type 4 – 7 – Garba Aboudalaye

Producer – Gwenael FRANCOIS

Writer – Julien BECKER
Director – Julien BECKER
1st AD – Guillaume ARNAL RODRIGO
2nd AD – Justine THOMAS
Contunity – Roxanne PEGUET
Casting director – Nilton MARTINS
Casting assistant – Joanne BECKER

1st AC – Philippe MANDERSCHEID
2nd AC – Fabien SPAUS
3rd AC – Video Assist & Drone pilot – Joshua MARX
Video Assist – Alexandra KURT

Sound recordist – Ken RISCHARD
Boomer – Philipp COLLING


Production manager – Solveig HARPER
Production coordinator – Helen BREDDY

Location manager – Nuno CARDOSO
Assistant location manager – Gabriel OHRESSER
Assistant location manager – Jean-Michel HUET
Assistant location manager – Jérôme HEILIG
Gardian – Guillaume FLAMANT
Assistant location manager- Fanny MENGEL
Assistant location manager- Mario SPAHIC
Location scout – Philipp Reimer

Costume designer – Caroline KOENER
Costume assistant – Magda MARCZYNSKA

Make-up artist – Katja REINERT
Make-up assistant – Stephanie CHAPUT

Art director – Sylvia KASEL
Accessoiriste Plateau – Barbara PRATI
Assistante Chef déco/Props Buyer – Caroline ROCCO
Ripper 1 – Luis MARTINEZ
Ripper 2 – Nico FRACCALVIERI
Constructeur – Raphaël THIRY
Peintre – Olivier WOJCIK

Key grip – Amandine SOARES
Grip assistant – Maja JURIC

Gaffer – Nicolas PICART
Electrician – Jordan BOUCHEX
Electrician – Lucie TRATZ

Catering – Leticia TRIVEZ – La Toupie

SFX – Ax-7 – Ken FITZKE
SFX – Ax-7 – Paul BIWER

Editor – Gwenael FRANCOIS
Editor assistant – Mark RUSSELL

VFX – Zeilt studio
VFX line producer – Laurent WITZ
VFX coordinator – Marie GARRE
VFX production manager – Charlotte BOSQUET
VFX supervisor – Pascal THIEBAUX
Compositing – Fabien WEIBEL
3D – Frédéric Wedeux

Sound post-production – Philophon
Director – Philippe KOHN
Sound editor – Angelo DOS SANTOS
Foley sound engineer – Ken NNGANYADI
Foley – Pierre GRECO
Post synchronisation engineer – Anthony JURET
Mixer – Michel SCHILLINGS

Grading – Pictastic – Vanessa Leiritz
Grading – Pictastic – Alexandre Gibert
Colorist – Arthur Paux

Translations and subtitles – HATARI PUBLISHING Jean-Pierre THILGES

Camera equipment – ARRI Rental Luxembourg – Steffen DITTER
Drone – Félix KOCH & Joshua MARX

Sound equipment – Philophon – Philippe KOHN

Lighting equipment – ARRI Rental Luxembourg – Steffen DITTER

Grip equipment – ARRI Rental Luxembourg – Steffen DITTER
Grip equipment – Grip Cartel – Pascal Charlier

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