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Sci-Fi Short Film “Astroknot” presented by DUST

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“Astroknot” by Joel Erkkinen

While on the moon a curious astronaut inadvertently strokes his way into the heart of an extraterrestrial who has a very special way of returning the affection.

After landing on the moon, an astronaut discovers a curious green and sparkly being with a single red eye. The intrigued astronaut inspects the properties of the extraterrestrial in a very non-scientific manner of poking, slapping, and tickling, the being seems to react. Suddenly the alien stiffens and grows to look the man right in his space mask.
Under the menacing gaze of the alien, the spaceman is transfixed. With a swift slap the being dispatches its eye onto the visor of the astronaut. Frozen in place as the alien retracts, the astronaut attempts to inspect the new glowing red eye placed upon is mask.
Just as he is about to touch the red orb his mask explodes into a field of sparkles. He has been transformed into an identical green alien partner. As our lover departs in a “come hither” dash, the newly formed green alien squeezes out of the space suit and swiftly follows across the lunar surface.
The dust settles on the moon after the lovers leave. Emerging in front of the camera is another green alien with a red eye. Gazing into our soul it lunges at the audience ending in a shower of hearts and fireworks.
We may think this is the end of love in space. Then we begin to hear the whispers of love in the form of a squeaky bed mattress. What emerges from the darkness is a host of green aliens in an orgy-like dance. They have multiplied. And the universe will never be the same.

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