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Sci-Fi Short Film “Dysmorphia” presented by DUST

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“Dysmorphia” by Phillip Vernon & Elijah Guess

An Instagram star’s self-image grows increasingly warped and begins to spiral out of control.

Instagram star and social media influencer Dorian Dash documents nearly every waking moment of his life from his smart phone. His social perception is his livelihood – so when mysterious and grotesque warts begin appearing on his body he resolves to remove and hide them from his devoted followers. But the malformities persist and Dorian grows increasingly paranoid as a result. What he doesn’t realize is that the deformity is not a physical ailment, but a psychological one: He is suffering from Dysmorphia.

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Full Credits:
Directors: Phillip Vernon & Elijah Guess
Producers: Phillip Vernon & Elijah Guess
Writers: Phillip Vernon & Elijah Guess
Cinematographer: Elijah Guess
Editor: Phillip Vernon
Sound Designer: Shaun Yee
Production Sound: Shaun Yee
SFX Artist: Dre Lamparello
Makeup Artist: Avary Mitchell
Colorist: Steven Wetrich
Title Design: Sadie Goff
Original Music: Dead Recipe
Dorian Dash: Joey De Felice
Kelly: Cameron Kelly
Michell: Delayne Mitchell
Shaina: Chelsea Davis

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