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Sci-Fi Short Film “Faulty Father” | DUST

In the near future, a young father’s morning routine is put on the fritz when he uncovers his wife’s bizarre secret, one that forces him to question his sense of self and his role in the family.

“Faulty Father” by Benjamin Welmond

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More About Faulty Father:
One morning, a young father wakes up to find another version of himself in his closet. As it turns out- his wife has a back up version. Inspired by the works of David Cronenberg and Terry Gilliam, Faulty Father is a dark sci-fi film with horror inspirations and a comedic twist. It deals with themes around artificial intelligence, and fatherhood.

Filmmaker’s Statement:
“No matter how hard people try, they screw up their children. We tell ourselves that we will do a better job than our parents, but changes in society and technology, along with our own baggage, undermine such aspirations. The best science fiction is not about how our relationship to technology is evolving, but how it changes the way we treat each other. In making Faulty Father I ask the question: what if you could take the human error out of parenthood? Could you make a computer application that faultlessly raises a child? Visually, the film is a homage to my favorite science fiction films of the 80s, such as Videodrome and Brazil.”

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Sci-Fi Short Film “Faulty Father” | DUST

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