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Sci-Fi Short Film “HUM” | DUST Exclusive

A grieving plumber seeks out a disgraced quantum physicist to rid himself of a tormenting “Hum”.

“HUM” by Stefano Nurra

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More About HUM:
Grieving plumber Chris Page is tormented by a mysterious low frequency noise seemingly only he can hear. The unexplained phenomenon known as “The Hum”. With the help of rogue scientist Prof. McAven, Chris traces the origin of the sound, discovering way more than expected.

Director’s Statement:
Although I am a great fan of science fiction movies, some of the best sci-fi experiences I can remember come from reading books. Especially the relatively new breed of sci-fi known as The New Weird. Hum is my personal contribution to the genre, an emotional short story, very much in the style of writers of the New Weird movement I love (such as China Mieville, Jeff Vandermeer), exploring quantum physics related concepts that always fascinated me and experimenting with the science fiction medium. Science-fiction has a tendency of proposing very “visual-based” concepts (aliens, otherwordly beings, machines, etc…) and I wanted to go down a more sound-based premise, something that really lends itself to more abstract thought and opens doors to relate science with mystical theories. Hum is inspired by real theories surrounding the nature of the still unexplained phenomenon known as “The Hum”. Only 2% of populaiton around the world can perceive it and the descriptions fo how it sounds are scarce and difficult to recreate. Therefore, developing the sound for the film was a massive challenge that took a long time, mostly based on the recording of the movements of the Earth’s core mixed with the chants of Tuvan monks. Without giving too much away theme-wise, this is also related to the film’s theme, rooted it in a strong emotional premise such as reconnecting with the here and now. This, together with the film’s premise, demanded extreme care in developing a look that wasn’t too cold and detached, whilst at the same time exploring the fantasy world of the Hum in a visually impressive way. The inspiration for Hum’s look and its visual effects comes from research of alchemical drawings, illustrations from The Tibetan Book of the Dead as well as an healthy dose of graphic novels staples such as The Sandman and the early issues of Hellblazer.

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Sci-Fi Short Film “HUM” | DUST

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