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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Run” presented by DUST

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“The Run” (Koşu) written & directed by Yalcin Konuk

A man’s eagerness to deliver his consciousness and unconsciousness in the hands of an application for the sake of a better life.

While running on the street, running away from something or someone, Sercan suddenly finds himself in a living room of an apartment, in some kind of interrogation by Caner, a person he does not know. As Caner directs the questions, Sercan is faced with the things he has done; his life.

Rather than telling Sercan the answer to why he in this room, he skillfully wants Sercan to find it out himself. He tells Sercan that what he did yesterday is related with him being in the room and thereafter.

Sercan talks about not having found the happiness he dreams of with his girlfriend Derya, the love and trust towards his father, the new job interview he has to attend during the day, and the interest he has towards Selin, a friend of Derya.

As the conversation continues, Sercan suddenly sees that it is himself that is talking to him and understands that it has been himself who was asking the questions from the beginning. However, his alter ego facing him explains the truth as his confusion continues. He tells that Sercan is in fact a new generation hologram, created by an application named UmeetU and that he has up to date access to all information and interaction of the user on all social platforms.

The objective of the UmeetU application is to collect all information that will enable the user to be better, more productive and happier during this mutual session and to ensure that he can experience the day optimally, energetically and with higher concentration by knowing the potential situations and attitudes he must refrain from.

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