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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Tale of Mr. Revus” presented by DUST

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“The Tale of Mr. Revus” by Marius Herzog

Mr.Rêvus prepares the dreams of mankind. In his nightly routine one momentous mistake happens which is the dawn of a big adventure.

Night by night we are kidnapped to the most ludicrous worlds: we dream.
The inventor of all these dream worlds is in the center of attention in the shortfilm: “The Tale of Mr. Rêvus”.
In his nightly routine one momentous mistake happens to him which
is the dawn of an big adventure: the dreams of man become reality in the shape of weird creatures.

Even the dream of Mr. Rêvus becomes reality and tries to make friends with him. But the crazed dreams threaten the world and so Mr. Rêvus has to set out on a journey to restore the order of dream and reality.

Unfortunately this means that his dream has to go too…

The illustrative computer animated short film tells about friendship, hope and how our dream world can go to pieces by accident.

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