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Sci-Fi Short Film “We Were Not Made for this World” | DUST

A robot goes on a quest to find his creator in the desert lands outside his city. Not built for the harsh environment outside his city, a robot takes his chances and braves the barren landscape in a desperate attempt to find his creator. With his knee joints slowly breaking down, it’s only a matter of time before his fate will be decided.

“We Were Not Made for this World” by Colin West // Part II of The Robot Scriptures

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Director’s Statement:
We Were Not Made For This World is part II of The Robot Scriptures — a three-part short film series about the origin, evolution, and exodus of artificial intelligence. The idea for the series first came about when I was working for a very large tech company that was constantly considering the impending robot singularity. I began thinking about life from their point of view. The Robots that is. I thought, what happens when human beings die out and all that are left are the robot species? At that point, what would the robots know about their origin? Their creators? Their God? My hunch is, they would be asking many of the same questions we do about our own human origin — some leaning toward spiritual answers, some scientific, some ridiculous. This film explores these questions.

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Sci-Fi Short Film “We Were Not Made for this World” | DUST

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